Using Fincite, organizations will experience three key features:

Ease of use

Processing is done in real-time, changes cascade through the model instantaneously, so you will be able to make your analyses immediately. Thanks to its flexibility, Fincite can accommodate sizeable changes in the financial model very easily and swiftly.


Both the model and the analysis are based on data from your general ledger (such as costs, turnover, cost coding, fte's). Cost allocations can easily be traced back to the ledger. There is a transparent connection between for instance your ledger data and your cost allocation reports at any time.


Version management is simple, robust, and straightforward. This facilitates thinking your way through future business scenarios. Moreover, with version management you may go back in time with your data and/or your models. This is, for instance, helpful in tracing back business cases and zooming in into them. Additionally, Fincite is a multi-user environment. You and your staff will be able to work with the models simultaneously and remotely. Fincite transparently logs every activity in your Fincite audit trail.

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Cost allocation is always traceable to general ledger data.

Accommodating a large reorganization can be done relatively quickly.

It is possible to trace back business case performances.