You may develop your cost model yourself without much effort. Alternatively, you may as well ask us to make it for you.

Our sprint-based approach

We use a sprint-based approach. Consequently, you will receive growing versions of the model, and it will enable you to control how long and up to what level of detail we work on your model. If you want, you may take over at your convenience at any moment.

Analysis and reporting

As a next step we may support you in getting further insight in your data, additional analysis and transparent financial reporting. We can work with your organization on the maturity of the underlying allocation model, in order to enhance your insight and to bring the subsequent reporting to a next level.

Process management and training

We ensure that financial transparency tools and processes will be embedded in your organization’s current control framework. We see to it that these tools and processes hook up seamlessly with your own working methods and systems. Additionally, we train your staff using tailor-made education. Depending on your needs, the instruction may vary from training on the job to off-site sessions.

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