Financial transparency for your organization

Fincite is your online service for securing your financial transparency. With Fincite, you will have all financial flows within your organization at your fingertips, and with that insight you will be able to bring your decision making and management processes to a higher level. Fincite is easy, powerful, and effective.


Insight in your costs

Where are costs made in your organization? What are those costs made for? How do these costs contribute to the services to your clients? How can these costs be adequately classified, aggregated, analyzed, qualified, and reported? Fincite is the online instrument to answer these questions. The Fincite information is 100% aligned with the data in your ledger and can always be backtracked in detail. This makes your financial management process clear and traceable, and the insight into your costs up-to-date.


Control by facts

Accurate insight into your figures and financial flows leads to analyses that add value, and to a conversation based on facts. You will be able to lead your business well and make informed decisions, which are well understood and supported by your staff. Your operations will be more transparent, effective, and agile. Fincite provides you with a shared language and shared data, embedded in your organization’s processes and control framework.


Sustainable growth

Insight and control are the foundation for sustainable growth. On a strategic level you will be able to create business scenarios and think them through, and you will be able to envision and understand the outcome of business opportunities as well. Commercially, you will understand how you can optimize current and future client contributions to your bottom line results. Furthermore, you will facilitate your stakeholders' understanding of your plans and policies. With Fincite, you can raise the right questions and make adequate analyses, make the right judgments in management, underpinning decisions and determining consequences.

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"We have detailed financial insight now. Our operational and commercial management process is brought to the next level. Fincite has been the key in this growth."

Kor Bosscher, CFO MN

"With Fincite, it only took two weeks to make a complete and comprehensive model of the financial flows within Blue Sky Group. With this model we have additional insight in and control over the margin per client and the underlying cost structures per department."

Jos Keijzers, Head of Control Blue Sky Group

"Fincite is a unique technology. It is flexible and cost-effective as well."

Aris Prins, CEO Premium