Fincite models your cost flows and calculates cost allocations. As a fundamental starting point, Fincite bases the models on the actuals in your general ledger. In doing so, results are traceable back to the original ledger data at all times, maintaining a transparent connection with source data. This approach has some clear advantages:


Reports are always up-to-date, as they are based on the most recent data. Thus, your information is better, you are not running behind or looking for data, and you can act adequately on recent changes in business performance.


Users of the cost allocation structure will not need to discuss the origin or the validity of figures. Their work will concentrate on matters that are relevant, i.e. the allocation principles and the final results.


All figures you will find in reports are traceable to source data in your general ledger, simple and exact. No specialists’ support is required, no interpretation or translation skills are needed.

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Reports for external parties are not only easy to produce now, but they are also consistent in their structure and quality.

You will be able to talk about the more important issues with your clients, as there is a common understanding about underlying facts and figures.