Fincite is your tool to make a financial model of your organization. You simply feed Fincite with your data and your requirements, i.e. how you want Fincite to make the model for you. It then generates the model, calculates it entirely and presents the result.

Fincite is an instrument that you can use online. It is easy and directly accessible, no management and maintenance hassle.

Below you find some of the unique features of Fincite.


  • No installation required
  • Swiftly build an extensive model yourself using the intuitive user interface
  • Fincite connects readily to your administrative systems and reporting tools
  • Experience no restrictions to any cost allocations, circular structures can be used as well
  • Add sales figures as a mirrored model, in order for Fincite to compute margins per client, per service or any other parameter
  • Provide yourself with a comprehensive overview using more versions of the model
  • Enjoy powerful analysis and debugging functionality to correct potential flaws in the model
  • Import data from your Financial Administration, project management tooling and other information systems


  • Compute and analyze costs and sales per client, service, activity, country, distribution channel and/or other entities
  • Calculate ratios, such as costs per activity, costs per article, margin per article, etc.
  • Add targets to the model and keep track of your parameters compared to these targets
  • Analyze the dynamics of key metrics by comparing models through time
  • Include business cases in your models or design business scenarios
  • Make a cost analysis with both actuals and historical data, in both recent and past models
  • Calculate prices, for example based on a cost plus approach
  • Aggregate costs as you need, for instance up to department, business unit or country level


  • Work with multiple team members on one model simultaneously
  • Trace user activities, using the detailed logging of modifications per user
  • Use generic access devices to work with the model, like the PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet

Reporting and exporting

  • Make standard reports as you wish and update these with the results of your latest models and/or data
  • Export all data or complete models to, for instance, Excel or your OLAP tool suite


  • Add two factor authentication with a "time-based one-time password"
  • Use role-profiles to configure role based access
  • Rely on full end-to-end data encryption

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It makes apparent which clients are beneficial to your bottom line and which are not.