With Fincite you will be able to deliver fundamental and lasting results. These can be achieved quickly using our proven and pragmatic implementation approach. Large and comprehensive change projects are obsolete, our small step approach will be much more effective. The starting points below lead to fast-achieved and lasting success.

From sketch to blueprint

The first and easy step is the design of an initial draft sketch of your organization. With Fincite even this simple first model will provide you with surprising new insights. While your financial staff is working with Fincite, the sketch swiftly develops into a more detailed and comprehensive blueprint that is understood, supported, and appreciated by your whole organization.

Real life issues

The most effective growth strategy is not about implementing a theoretical matter; however, it is using real life business issues. Dealing with real life issues enhances the quality of learning, creates the right level of attention and commitment, and keeps the organization away from unnecessary theoretical discussions.

Implemented from front to back

It is advised to start working with Fincite from front to back. This means you will work with cases that are important to your clients. By choosing this method, the purpose and value of financial transparency efforts naturally flow through to your organization, from business to supporting units.

Owned by the line organization

The financial transparency initiative is designed and directed by Finance. However, the content, including the model, the data, and the reports, is owned by the line organization. Each manager should be able to acknowledge and identify with the data of his/her department and the activities in the model. Ideally, line departments themselves keep the model up-to-date.

Supported by a small team

Financial transparency is developed by you and your organization. The Finance staff will support this process with a small team, using short interventions. Thanks to this method, out-of-pocket implementation costs are very limited and manageable, and, more importantly, the process is your own.

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Before we start working, we first think through the issue thoroughly. This leads to real results.

The solution will be 100% yours; you control your own process.